Residential Investigation

Do you have a mould problem, bad smell in the house, water damage or unexplained sickness?

IAQS can investigate your concerns, uncover the cause of the problem and, most importantly, tell you what the best solution is. If you have any concerns about the quality of the air in your home or office, contact us for a chat so we can give you the information you need to take the next step.

Just as every home is different so too are air quality concerns. IAQS treats every investigation seperately guaranteeing home owners the information they require in identifying the problem and assisting with a solution to ensure the problem is dealt with correctly so it doesn’t reoccur in the future.

Our 4 Step Investigation Process


When one of our professional inspectors visits your home they will start by listening to your concerns. No one knows a property as well as the people who live there. Once the inspector has listened to you, they will begin work on identifying the reason for the problem.


During the inspection the IAQS inspector will decide if air and/or surface sampling are required. We try to keep costs to customers at a minimum so we don't routinely sample at every inspection. In many instances sampling isn't required if the mould, bacteria or other pollutant is obvious to our experienced inspector. However in some inspections the contaminant can't be seen or measured using our tools so sampling is required.

A sample can be beneficial in better understanding the contaminant present and will assist in effectively treating the problem. All samples are analysed by a third party independant laboratory. The sampling costs are passed on to you directly


When the cause is known, our inspector will give you a verbal update at the conclusion of the inspection as well as a detailed written report soon after. Our tailored reports help clients communicate with doctors, insurers and real estate agents, or other interested third parties.

Fixing The Problem

Your report will explain the underlying cause of the problem and most importantly how to fix it. We don't offer band-aid solutions that see the problem go away for a few months only to return and start the cycle again. Using the information in the report, you can either undertake the work yourself or ask us to do it for you. IAQS have specialist staff dedicated to providing long-term solutions to fixing the identified problem.