OH & S Risk Assessment Facilitation

Risk management underpins all HSE legislation, yet we are constantly surprised at just how little hazard management is understood throughout industry.
There are still many businesses who do not really understand the hazards associated with the work their teams do so are allowing them to complete their work in environments or using processes that could, potentially, could result in injury.
All personnel at any level of business can identify hazards but what they ‘see’ will depend on their frame of reference or experiences. General Managers typically site financial or business level risk while Frontline Supervisors would often discuss Health or Safety issues as they affect their operational teams – and both are correct…
Without objective risk assessment no-one would know which hazards represents greatest risk to their business. Without risk assessment it is impossible to then assess these hazards and identify the highest threats to your business.
Risk assessment is the best tool to identify where improvement planning should be focussed to reduce the business risk profile. If a solid risk assessment process is implemented and an incident trend can be effectively managed this can be used to support the lowering of insurance premiums.
IAQS can train your personnel at all levels to conduct Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in-house; we can also run workshops to create these hazard registers for your business if required.