Incident Investigation Facilitation

OH&S legislation requires an employer to “understand the hazards in the workplaces they control” – if incidents and near misses are occurring it is important to investigate why to ensure that your team is working in an environment and under a system that is a safe as “practicable”.

Regardless of how large or small the incident, investigation of how and why these incidents and “near misses” occur is essential to preventing them happening again.

Often small incidents are not well investigated as they are seen as a waste of time as the injury was very minor or the effect on production did not impact the customer.

In our experience many small incidents have the potential to be very serious or even catastrophic given a very slight change in circumstances. If small incidents are well investigated control measures can often be put in place to stop the more significant event from occurring.

Our trained personnel have been involved in the investigation of countless large and serious incidents and use this experience to ensure the root causes are identified and practical solutions are found to prevent re-occurrence or similar events happening again.

We can help you to communicate the findings of the investigation in a simple and effective way to both your team and senior stakeholders ensuring that everyone learns the lessons and that these lessons stick.

We can also train your team in incident investigation ensuring high degree of skill is left onsite.