Healthy Refurbishment Certification

Are you about to move into a new or renovated space and concerned about the potential for residual pollutants to affect your health?

During the renovation or fit-out of a building a number of pollutants are introduced to the indoor environment throughout the demolition and construction. When it comes time to move into the renovated spaces, occupants have no way of knowing the extent of the pollutants that remain in the building. An IAQS ‘Healthy Air Quality Certification’ can tell you if there are any concerns and how to fix the problem before occupation. If you have any air quality concerns after a renovation, contact us for information about our certification process.

The IAQS ‘Healthy Air Quality Certification’ is a comprehensive audit and preventative maintenance program that reviews the indoor air quality. The audit is completed after the renovation and / or re-fit activities have finished but prior to occupation to ensure that the indoor air quality meets legislative Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

The certification program identifies and prevents exposure to harmful:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • dusts/fibres
  • mould
  • odours
  • and other indoor air quality issues during normal building operations

If areas of concern are identified often simple measures can be taken to ensure the health and safety of occupants. Facility managers and occupants then have peace of mind about reoccupying their renovated space.

The program also provides information to detect recognised and common sources of indoor air quality problems specific to that building. Facilities management and maintenance teams then have the knowledge and tools to avoid costly indoor air quality problems and maintain a healthy building in the future.

The ‘Healthy Air Quality Certification’ can be completed at short notice so that occupancy is not delayed. For more information about keeping office air safe for your co-workers, see the Office Tips page. If you would like more information on the certification process and a no obligation quote please contact us.

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