Air Conditioner Hygiene Cleaning

Air conditioner hygiene cleaning to remove the build-up of dirt, debris and mould growth is recommended for all split and ducted air conditioning systems as it maintains the system in a constantly healthy state.
Routine maintenance by building occupants should include the cleaning of removable filters at least monthly as this is the first line of defence for catching most indoor air quality contaminants.
Many home owners and building managers believe that a ‘hygiene clean’ is included in the various service contracts they have in place. This assumption is often incorrect for the following reasons:
Air-conditioning / refrigeration mechanics deal with the condition of the gas, electrical and mechanical systems to ensure the heating and cooling systems are working as per requirements but few focus on the hygiene of the cooling coils, air handling units and air delivery components.

Hygiene cleaning is out of the realm of normal filter cleaning regimes as it is a specialised process and cannot be done without some dismantling of the air-conditioning system so cooling coils, barrel fans and other air handling components can be accessed.

As a result the ‘hygiene cleaning’ of the air-handling components of both split and ducted air-conditioning is often missing from traditional cleaning and service contracts.
Most air-conditioning systems would benefit from a six monthly hygiene cleaning as this removes the bio-film build-up and prevents the development of bigger and more expensive issues. Hygiene servicing can minimise the advent of large outbreaks of mould growth by removing viable mould and spores while they are in low numbers and reduce the overall nutrient base (dust and debris) in the system. This also minimises odours and the potential for bacteria to exist in the air-handling system and minimises the potential for airborne allergens that can negatively affect the health of occupants.

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