Inadequate ventilation, chemicals, mould, bacteria, radon, pest infestation, and renovations can affect the quality of air in a commercial building. If irritants persist, you may begin to have complaints of “Sick Building Syndrome” on your hands. The result can be loss of reputation as a Building or Facility Manager, and the building occupants may experience lost productivity and higher absenteeism.

Many factors can contribute to poor indoor air quality and, as a Building / Facility Manager it is your responsibility to identify any hazard that may be present so it can be managed appropriately.
Indoor Air Quality Solutions specialises in getting to the root causes of any indoor air quality issue and has the experience to define a detailed and effective Scope of Work to mitigate any identified problems.

You should arrange for a professional indoor air quality investigation:

• If you receive health-related complaints from building occupants
• If you are changing, renovating, remodelling or expanding a building or HVAC system
• If you’ve had any fires, floods or other disaster within the property, or affecting a nearby facility
• If you’re buying a commercial building
• If there is any use of chemicals and/or heating processes within the facility either on a routine or periodic basis
• If you have significantly increased the number of occupants
• If there has been an infestation of insects, rodents, birds or animals
• If the building feels uncomfortable or unpleasant without obvious reason

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